In the season two debut, The boys come back triumphant and tired from their six week tour, but the problem is — life at Los Angeles is not the same as things at the Palm Woods have been changed. There are new kids who don't even know or care about Big Time Rush, who James and Carlos clash with, the boys have a ton of schoolwork/homework to catch up on due the following day since they missed three-possibly six weeks of school which is required by Miss Collins to average a C+ otherwise they can't go to RockTober Fest, which Logan has to basically do all by himself because the rest of the guys are "busy", and to make matters worse for Kendall, Jo has gotten a part in a new television series for CW called "New Town High", and has to makeout with her co-star, Jett Stetson, the male lead for her new show and who has also dated everyone of his co-stars, for 5 pages, upseting Kendall. During filming, Kendall repeatedly sabotages their scene until security kicks him out. Jo comes back after filming, and Kendall finds a text from her co-star saying "I feel the same way about you", which upsets Kendall yet again. Jo explains it to Kendall, and he asks if they could forget what happened today, which leads Jo to telling him to forget about her, which he cannot do. In the end, at the RockTober Fest, everything works out, all of the Palm Woods actors and singers come, the boys finish all their work with above a "C+", and Jo works things out with Kendall and holds a sign saying I Heart Kendall